Bellies Filled With Hope

Bellies Filled With Hope

Today is a day of thanks. It has been one year since I fought and won my battle with cancer. I never thought at 35, with four children, I would get a diagnosis that would threaten to take me away from my children. My entire life has been a struggle. I believe my struggles and the blessings in my life are what set me up for success in fighting for my life. I left home as a teen without graduating high school. Soon after, I became pregnant with my first of four children.

The years have held many ups and downs and hard lessons to learn. During these times, I had one place I could always turn to. That place is the Rebecca Blaylock Child Development Center. The center is a daycare as well, as a pre-school. The center was started by Rebecca Blaylock to provide quality childcare to children in the neighborhood, at a reasonable price.

The center also provides children in need meals to assure when they are home they have food to nourish their brain and body. The children who have a need receive backpacks containing food to make sure they are able to eat at home. The peace of mind I received knowing I had people I could depend on to show love and care to my children is invaluable. When times were really hard and I couldn’t provide as much as I wanted for my children, I knew they would be provided meals and hugs during the storms of our lives.

The Rebecca Blaylock Child Development Center has been a part of my life for many years now. The past year was the most wonderful. They gave me, as well as my children, so much love and peace of mind. I knew while I was fighting to live my children were in a safe and happy place during the day.

Now I am happy and healthy and so very thankful. First, I thank God, and second the Rebecca Blaylock Child Development Center. The center is a wonderful place that provides so much to all the families that come there. The employees realize people are struggling, and they are always willing to help in any way possible. I cannot say enough good things about the Rebecca Blalock Child Development Center. The people that make up the center have been my rocks in the many storms of my life.

-As told to Kim Patel, Student Writer