Our Stories

Here are stories of hope happening in Rome, Georgia:

Finding Hope through Open Doors, by Oliver Robbins

Help Wanted: Someone to Relate, by Amber Slyter

His Way, by Andrew West

Do What You Love, Love What You Do, by Krista Madeira

The Long Road Home, by Connie Watjen

Will Work for Treats, by Kenneth Shuman

Questioning Homelessness, by Matt Pulford

Seizing Second Chances, by Benjamin Gaylor

A Breath of Fresh Air, by Caitlin Lewis

A Hand Up, by Amanda Brendel

No More Bad Things, by Megan Broome

Finding Life After Death, Bonnie Jones

Southern Hospitality and Love, by Abbi Strawn

Ready, Willing, and Stable, Kacee Culpepper

A New Day for Angel, by Sarah Ellison

It’s Never Too Late, by John Lysle

Bellies Filled With Hope, by Kim Patel

Taking the First Step, by Rebeka Garcia

The Other Side of Me, by Marisa Yapko

Well Worth the Wait, by Becky Crooks

If you were moved by these stories, learn how to start a Facing Project in your community.